A gentle and good-tempered Executor who acts without the slightest hesitation. She specializes in leaving a good impression that is comfortably enjoyable but not excessively deep, just like many other ordinary chance encounters one may have had.

The Authorizer on rotation for Hykros Headquarters's Algorithm Ark. Responsible for maintaining Gesthos and overseeing the operation of various spacetime Omnium reactors. Her rule-abiding heart hides a rebellious side.

Dominique North

A young girl who took over the position of overseer of the Department of Yuheng not too long ago. She has made outstanding and unique achievements in the research of the Darkness. Under her leadership, the Department of Yuheng has gradually returned to its former state.

Dominique North

A young girl who took over the position of overseer of the Department of Yuheng not too long ago. She has made outstanding and unique achievements in the research of the Darkness. Under her leadership, the Department of Yuheng has gradually returned to its former state.

A mysterious woman who wields a flute to control the dead. Cold and ruthless, she wouldn't think twice about sacrificing everyone, including herself, if it meant achieving her goals. Gifted with an uncanny intuition, she can peer into one's deepest thoughts and is attuned to even the slightest changes in her surroundings. This sharp awareness ensures she's never outnumbered, and she leaves little to no trace of her actions.

An unknown visitor from the outside. His appearance is both an unpredictable variable and a turning point to the closed Domain 9.

The martial arts star of Domain 9. All opponents who have fought her admired her, and she was consequently appointed by Master Yu as a Sundial Guard at Ignisville Sundial Square. Her dedication to martial arts far exceeds that of ordinary people, and she can be relied on for a sure victory on the battlefield. She believes that within seven paces, the fist is the fastest.

She assists the often elusive "Zhuque" and is responsible for overseeing the suppressed Darkness.. Despite receiving praise from her superiors, she is a young girl who often feels dissatisfaction and frustration with herself.

Dr. Rubilia, the former head of the Listener Project, is once again participating in Grayspace Entity studies, this time in the form of an Abyssant.

Ling Han, also known as Lady Baihu, was appointed by Zhen Gong to oversee Marshville. She is a formidable force recognized for her tremendous strength. She serves as the head of Longjian Pavilion, a crucial military institution. Given the pavilion's primary duty of alerting against the threats of the Darkness, she practically commands the Domain Guards spanning the entirety of Domain 9.

Dominique North

A dancer whose charm resonates throughout the Domain. People travel vast distances just to catch a moment of her captivating performance. Gentle and beautiful, her every glance and smile is mesmerizing.

Alexis Tipton

Madam Huang, chief of the Azure Guards, serves as the head of Tianzhang Pavilion in Joltville.

Alexis Tipton

The only daughter of Harunobu, the previous local Archon. She has been groomed to be the successor. Despite not having taken the seat yet, popular opinion already favors her as the next Archon in line.

Erin Yvette

An Angel of Clemency newly born through restructure of Shirli, a nurse trainee at Astra Shelter, with half the flesh and nerves replaced by mechs and circuits.

Suzie Yeung

The head of Vera's second city, the underwater city of Innars. As the Archon of the underwater city, she holds the highest position in Innars.

Lindsay Shepp

She emerged from an unknown dimensional passage, claiming to be from Domain 9, a region not registered in the Hykros database, to assist with the Grayspace Entity problem. With eccentric clothes and a headpiece in the shape of a fiery bird, Lan attacks with a strange umbrella that unleashes an enormous amount of energy when attacking.

Alexis Tipton

An employee of Mirroria Nursery and a lover of flowers. Because he's responsible for the promotion and daily care of the plants for the nursery, he earned the nickname, "Manager."

Codenamed M-sec 2000, she may be a Special Forces Agent who's only recently joined the Security Force, but her unparalleled talents and hard work are widely recognized across the Force. Due to her outstanding simulation results, she has been assigned to take part in the Security Force's high-level missions.

Captain of the Mirroria Security Force Special Forces, and a user of the "Super Flow" discipline. She loves traditional kendo and wears an outfit indicative of her fighting style. One of the very few members on the Security Force without any bionic modifications. In charge of ensuring the protection of Mirroria.

The sole heir to Ms. Maidelin, a renowned contributor to many technology fields, and was regarded by her as her closest family.

The daughter of an old friend to Lin. And somehow, she's now taken care of by Lin, and they even take action together. The girl doesn't seem strong, like a sick, weak child.

A top DJ at the Entertainment Center who loves death metal! She's active, cute, and always charges headfirst into things on a daily basis, cheering on her fans and passers-by alike!

Gnonno's very proud of her grandfather, Nuok, who was part of the exploration team that discovered Innars, and wants to become an excellent explorer like him. But given how she's been doing so far, she is more or less a troublemaker, and that's already putting it lightly.

"But I live in mine own light, I drink again into myself the flames that break forth from me. I know not the happiness of the receiver, and oft have I dreamt that stealing must be more blessed than receiving." —Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche.

Aquaville is a place with mild weathers and flat terrain. The humans in Domain 9 started from Aquaville. It holds the greatest technology from before humanity obtained the Timestamp Tech. Though most of it was destroyed in the first place, we are doing our best to restore what is left.

Marshville is a land of wind and snow. Two large Black Jade Ruins are located there. The Darkness devastated Marshville more than it did anywhere else. Many dead Domain Guards lie here. Some mysteries centered around the Black Jade Ruins of Marshville are yet to be solved.

Joltville is where Qinglong's Might gathers. It is made of three commanderies: Penta County, Tetra County, and Tri County. Misty clouds and treacherous mountains surround this place. As the government center of Domain 9, Joltville has a large field energy reactive device called the Infinite Sundial that comes with a complimentary system. It is a symbol of the second-gen Timestamp Tech of Domain 9.

Ignisville is a place where the strength of flaming birds abounds. It is made of three commanderies: Octa County, Hepta County, and Hexa County. Misty clouds and magnificent mountains surround this place. The Ignisville Mansion situated in Hexa County is where most Ignisville residents are active and many districts can be found. The Ignisville people are fierce warriors. Each soldier is an elite with great combat capabilities compared to others living in Domain 9. They are the main force standing against the Darkness.

The depths of the Grand Sea are desolate and dead silent. Volcanic eruptions cooled to form lava hills and stone pillars of various shapes and sizes, creating a unique landscape.

Innars is situated at the bottom of the Grand Sea's S-46 area. It is made of a central city and a cluster of satellite cities. Unaffected by the sub-gravity field of the Confounding Abyss, it has been able to expand all this time.

In that swamp swallowed by miasma, you can see many strange views, including moments of the incredible evolutions of living beings. Nature has erased the traces of civilization and given birth to brighter fruits.

These ruins were left behind by an unknown intelligent civilization. The sub-gravity field delicately balances Mirroria and reality. At first, people tried to build their Third City here, but that plan went down the drain due to geological structural changes, and the construction site turned into these ruins.

A sandstorm hit Vera, turning most of its territory into deserts. However, we can still see some oases dotting the landscape. The Mirroria Loop orbits around Mirroria. Most residents miss the good old days before Grayspace Entities invaded when they could enjoy a ride on the road to their hearts' content.

Mirroria was the seventh district of Hykros. It was built in the year 2657. After the Cataclysm, it became home to the survivors in the Vera region

Before that catastrophe, Hykros was but a research organization. It wasn't until the old system fell apart that they took the center of the stage and made themselves known to the world. The Aesperia Hykros district hovers high above in the sky. It wasn't supposed to be an easy target for the invaders.

Astra was a lone island and a tourist resort located outside Aesperia. The Omnium Tower on this island was built for tourism purposes but later forgotten as people abandoned Astra. After that, the refugees sought shelter here and made this place home.

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